Penobscot Drift Boats

From June through August, we are unable to access email. Please contact us directly at the following cellphone number: (207) 570-4235. Calls will be returned after 8 p.m.

Custom drift boat trips on the East Outlet of the Kennebec River and the famed West Branch of the Penobscot River

Specializing in exclusive access to Ripogenus Gorge

Penobscot Drift Boats invites you to be our guest and experience a day or more in our driftboats fly fishing for wild landlocked salmon and brook trout. These specially designed fishing and whitewater friendly craft allow you to reach areas of the river that are virtually inaccessible to other fishermen. Moose, loons, osprey and bald eagles and a myriad of smaller migratory birds will share the waters with you. In fact, for bird watchers looking to add to their lifetime bird count, floating the rivers provides an enjoyable floating platform from which to view the complex and varied ecosystems where these seldom-seen species live.


                        (207) 947-5608                         

 Ian Cameron, 364 Hudson Road, Glenburn, ME 04401